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Why handmade soap is better?

Why handmade soap is better?

The Ingredients

With much busier lives than we used to have, it is easy these days to just pick up all our toiletries at the supermarket, including soap, shower gel etc. But did you know most branded soaps found in supermarkets have had more spent on their marketing than the raw ingredients used to make the soap? This means they are often full of very cheap ingredients and even worse irritants, harsh chemicals and detergents.

You may have guessed but these aren’t going to be good for your skin! Traditional handmade soap however is made using glycerine, a natural skin softener. Glycerine helps to keep your skin moisturised all the way through the day by absorbing moisture from the air.  Most store bought soaps have had the glycerine removed during manufacture and whilst they may still keep you clean they will actually dry out your skin meaning you are more likely to need that moisturiser they also happen to sell!

The Making Process

Handmade soap has been around for thousands of years, with the most traditional way of making it being the cold press method. This involves pouring the liquid soap into a mould and leaving to cure and solidify for several weeks resulting in a purely natural soap. Store bought soaps will often have been manufactured on mass, with chemicals being added to speed up the process.

Because each small bath of handmade soap has received care, love and attention has gone into the making of handmade soap it results in a much better quality product that you notice the difference upon using. But don’t just believe us; ditch your regular shop bought soap and try out some handmade soap today!

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