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Why create your own gift rather than buying off the shelf?

Why create your own gift rather than buying off the shelf?

Why creating your own gift bundle makes it extra special 

Gift bundles are the latest option for people who want to give someone a present that covers all the bases. Giving one gift might mean that the receiver thinks that you are trying to make a point, and it also increases the chances that the receiver will get something that they don't really want. If you give a gift, then you can gift bundle, so that you know that your receiver will have something that they absolutely and truly want. Whether you are choosing specific bath bombs or skincare products, or are selecting chocolate and other treats, bundling it up into a neat package can tell the receiver that you have really thought about what they might want to have further gift. 

Hand selecting gifts

Although you can go into any supermarket and pick up a package of bath salts or skincare items, you won't always get the response you want when you give that package. You can achieve a lot more by choosing exactly what goes into the bundle, and selecting items in order to match the personality and preferences of your receiver. Giving a gift is much more pleasurable when you know that you have put time and effort into choosing what goes into the gift, and the specifics of the bundle. Just by spending a little bit more time choosing, rather than simply grabbing the nearest package, you can achieve a whole lot more, and will receive the reward when your gift is opened. 

Choosing wrapping

The majority of us don't think too much about the type of packaging that our gifts are given in, but by selecting the wrapping of the gift bundle, you can also enhance your gift. It's easier to select packaging and wrapping that really will make a statement, rather than trusting to luck that you will find some cheap wrapping paper that matches the interior of the gift. Why go to all the time and trouble of hand selecting items when you are simply going to stick it in some anonymous paper and hide your effort from everybody else? You should be proud of the effort that you make by creating your own gift bundle, and be prepared to show it off with high quality wrapping.

Gifts of love and thoughtfulness

By combining carefully selected gift bundles with the perfect wrapping, you create a gift which is designed to suit your receiver down to the ground, and to ensure that they get the gift that they have really wanted to have, even if they didn't know it. There are so many options, that it is virtually impossible to select an identical gift bundle for two people, and by making sure that you match the items in the bundle with things which will appeal to the receiver, you can ensure that you get a gift which will be welcomed. By choosing a gift bundle yourself, you mark out the gift as something special from you to the intended recipient.

Build your own gift bundle with us

We make it easy for you to create a wonderful gift by choosing all the products, packaging and even adding a personal message to the gift tag. Perfect for if you want to send it to them directly and share in their special day or if you are giving them the gift in person.

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