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Top 5 Beauty & Body Essentials For Summer

Top 5 Beauty & Body Essentials For Summer 0

Summer is here so we have picked out our top five body and skin care essentials for this summer. Whether you are going abroad or having a staycation these fabulous products will help keep your skin, hair and body in tip top condition.

Solid Shampoo Bars

summer essentials solid shampoo barSolid shampoo bars make the perfect summer holiday or travelling essential as they weigh a lot less than a bottle of shampoo (but last a lot longer!). And because they are not classed as liquids they can go into your hand luggage, making them perfect for a short haul flight. So treat your hair to a little luxury this summer with our solid shampoo bars. They contain coconut oil which will moisturise and nourish your hair leaving it with a beautiful natural shine. They are also SLS and paraben free so they won’t dry your hair out like supermarket bought shampoo.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub

Summer essentials exfoliating foot scrubGet your feet summer ready and in pristine condition with an exfoliating foot scrub! Containing pumice and poppy seeds, they will scrub away dead or hard skin and the added coconut oil will moisturise your feet leaving them smooth and soft to touch. And because each one is beautifully fragranced they will leave your feet smelling great too!

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

summer essentials exfoliating sugar scrubExfoliating is an essential part of any skin care routine but during summer it’s even more important. Your skin is more likely to be dry from the warmer weather and dry skin + sun exposure = peeling! These luxurious sugar scrubs will scrub away dead or dry skin and they contain rich cocoa and shea butters to nourish your skin from top to bottom. We think they are the perfect treat before any summer holiday.

Body Butter

summer essentials body butterWith the warmer weather and more sun exposure during summer it is even harder to keep your skin moisturised and in its best condition. But with our luxurious all over body butters you can make sure your skin is beautifully soft with a healthy glow. They are handmade by whipping together cocoa and shea butters. And packed with essential oils, this body butter will leave your skin smelling good enough to eat!

Lip Balm

summer essentials lip balmLast but certainly not least, we think lip balms are an essential during the summer months. Using a good quality lip balm will keep your lips soft, supple and prevent them drying out or becoming sore. Our lip balms contain only natural ingredients, whether it’s organic beeswax or cocoa & shea butters they provide your lips with the moisture and protection they need.

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Competition To Win A Perfect Pamper Box

Competition To Win A Perfect Pamper Box 0

Would you love to win a box of bath and body treats delivered to your door?

Head over to our Facebook page where we are giving away one of our lovely Perfect Pamper Boxes this month.

All you have to do is like our Facebook page and share our pinned post to be in with a chance to win! For an extra entry why not nominate a friend in the comments and let them enter too! If they win they may even share the prize with you.

Competition closes on the 31st May 2017 and we will post the winner on our Facebook page and update this blog. 


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Why handmade soap is better?

Why handmade soap is better? 0

The Ingredients

With much busier lives than we used to have, it is easy these days to just pick up all our toiletries at the supermarket, including soap, shower gel etc. But did you know most branded soaps found in supermarkets have had more spent on their marketing than the raw ingredients used to make the soap? This means they are often full of very cheap ingredients and even worse irritants, harsh chemicals and detergents.

You may have guessed but these aren’t going to be good for your skin! Traditional handmade soap however is made using glycerine, a natural skin softener. Glycerine helps to keep your skin moisturised all the way through the day by absorbing moisture from the air.  Most store bought soaps have had the glycerine removed during manufacture and whilst they may still keep you clean they will actually dry out your skin meaning you are more likely to need that moisturiser they also happen to sell!

The Making Process

Handmade soap has been around for thousands of years, with the most traditional way of making it being the cold press method. This involves pouring the liquid soap into a mould and leaving to cure and solidify for several weeks resulting in a purely natural soap. Store bought soaps will often have been manufactured on mass, with chemicals being added to speed up the process.

Because each small bath of handmade soap has received care, love and attention has gone into the making of handmade soap it results in a much better quality product that you notice the difference upon using. But don’t just believe us; ditch your regular shop bought soap and try out some handmade soap today!

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Where to buy bath bombs?

Where to buy bath bombs? 0

Bath bombs are so popular these days that you can find them in many high street shops, including the famous one that rhymes with hush! But what better way to buy your bath bombs than by shopping online and having them delivered to your door. This means you can relax and browse in the comfort of your own home without having to get dressed, or step out the door. It sounds like a dream to me!


Here at Perfect Pamper Gifts we have a lovely collection of bath bombs, fizzers and creamers all of which are handmade in the UK and will provide you with hours of bath time bliss! Or try our latest creation, the Miss Fizz bath bomb subscription box. A box of unique, fizzy and fragrant bath bombs delivered to your door each month.


Best of all we have a low delivery charge (less than the cost of driving to town and parking the car!) or free delivery available when you spend over a certain amount.


So shop online with us today. You can even get 10% off your first order with code BATHBOMB10.

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Bath Bomb Subscription Box Launch

Bath Bomb Subscription Box Launch 0

Earlier this month we launched Miss Fizz, a new bath bomb subscription box packed full of fizz and fragrance! We were inspired to create this subscription box after coming across several amazing bath bomb subscriptions in the US but couldn't find a worthy one in the UK. 

This is our second subscription box launch following the Perfect Pamper Box last year and we have been thrilled with the response so far, like a lovely review left by Julie E.

"Wow. How amazing is this product, just prefect!! Beautiful fragrance, long lasting and well worth it. All the bath bombs were perfectly formed. No breakages in transit. Made my skin feel extra soft too. Very impressed and I would highly recommend it. The box was very well packaged too. Top quality!!!"

Unlike the Perfect Pamper Box which includes bath, body and pampering products such as face masks or candles, Miss Fizz is exclusively a bath bomb subscription box.

So why subscribe to Miss Fizz?

Every month we will source four jumbo sized bath bombs all of which are handmade in the UK, cruelty free and each with their own fabulous design and fragrance! We then lovingly package them and send your monthly box to your door! Miss Fizz is also available as a gift subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months so if you know someone who loves bath bombs (who doesn't!) then it could be the perfect gift!

  • Four jumbo bath bombs each month
  • A suprise delivered to your door each month
  • Pause or cancel at anytime
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Cruelty free


For a limited time only you can get 10% off your first box using code MISSFIZZ10. 


bath bomb





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How to create the perfect pamper hamper or gift basket?

How to create the perfect pamper hamper or gift basket? 0

Looking to create the perfect pamper hamper or gift basket for your loved one?

The great thing about creating your own pamper hampers or gift baskets is that you can tailor the packaging and products to the person you are buying for. By doing this they will know you have gone the extra mile for them to create a gift they will really love. Whereas if you buy a gift set off the shelf, don’t you always find there is something in there they just wouldn’t use?

Choosing the gift packaging for your pamper hamper

The first key ingredient to an amazing hamper or gift basket is the packaging of which there are several types you can use. We use turquoise or purple jute bags tied with a decorative ribbon and gift tag or our luxury ivory gift box with a pink ribbon bow. Both are very popular, but you could also go for something more traditional such as a gift basket in shrink wrap and tied with ribbon.

Choosing the products and gifts to include

Another benefit of creating your own hamper or gift basket is that by choosing the products that go in you can spend as little or as much as you need to while still creating a really personal gift.

For the ultimate pampering gift we would recommend starting off with some staples such as something for the bath, shower, a face mask and a scented candle. If you then wanted to spend more you could add additional items such as foot scrubs, lip balms, handmade soap, the possibilities really are endless!

Of course if you knew they didn’t take baths then you could leave out any bath products and focus on shower products such as body wash, shampoos and body scrubs and a facemask for them to treat themselves on those Saturday nights in.

something for the bathsomething for the showerhandmade facemaskspecial scented candle


It all adds up to the perfect gift

We think its great fun creating a personal gift basket or hamper, which is why we do it, day in day out and we hope you enjoy it as much as they will enjoy receiving it!

If you’re short on time however or still don’t know where to start we can help with our build your own gift bundle service. We do the hard work for you! Just choose the packaging, products and add a personal message, all on our website and we will make your gift look great and send it to you or directly to them as a nice surprise.

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